Total Golf Performance

The Absolute Golf program strives to provide an exceptional instruction experience to golfers of all skill levels seeking to player smarter, healthier, and better golf. Our team approach surrounds golfers with expert coaches in their respective field, providing the highest level of coaching and technology to improve your game. Take the first step to better golf with us today by booking your Performance Assessment.


Golf Performance

Golf instruction and coaching performed by PGA of Canada Professional Chevy Rennie is rooted in making the game more enjoyable and accessible to golfers of all levels. Proven performance is enhanced by Trackman Technology, the industry leader in swing evaluation analysis. This teaching environment values and embraces an effort to improve, and a desire to grow the game. As such, the goal is to create a personal relationship with all players, and build a positive atmosphere that promotes players’ growth and development. 

Trackman Technology, paired with an educated professional, has the capacity to analyze, diagnose, develop, and build on your current golf swing. With the Absolute Golf program, we encourage swinging your own swing; just as everyone has a unique personality and body structure, so too is their golf swing one-of-a-kind. With simplified information communicated to players both verbally and visually, both the player and coach will strive towards a universal target and goal. 

Titleist Performance Institute seeks to educate players on the importance of the body and how it relates to the golf swing. We believe that golfers of all ages and skill levels will benefit most from a healthy and efficient body. Through the Absolute Golf program, we do not believe in one way to swing a club, rather an infinite number of swing styles. However, we do believe there is one efficient way for every player to swing and it is based on what the player can physically do.


Specialized Fitness Training

The TPI physical screen is the fundamental concept that changed the course of the golf-fitness industry and what it means to be fit to play golf. The sixteen-part movement screen identifies how limitations in a player’s mobility, stability, and strength may be effecting their ability to swing efficiently (Body-Swing Connection™). The results are then used to develop a comprehensive corrective exercise training program that will help remove movement dysfunctions and muscle imbalances while improving swing efficiency, consistency, and power.

A golfer will see the greatest improvement by surrounding themselves with a team of experts. Similarly, any professional in the golf industry will see their clients benefit most by themselves being part of a network or team of professionals. By taking the first step with Absolute Golf, you have access to a team of professionals dedicated to developing a better golf swing, and healthier lifestyle. 


Mental Game

Golf is a mental game, from the amateur level to the competitive one. It is essential to develop mental performance and course management to play to your potential. The difference between good players and great players is consistency. Mental performance and stamina strengthen the ability to grind through tough holes and counter mechanical difficulty.

In golf, decisions, thoughts, images, and feelings create each shot. Mental performance training helps players develop key skills and course management strategies to complement their swing mechanics and physical ability. Understanding the importance of the mental game and course management connects the dots in a player’s golf game. 

The majority of the mental performance coaching portion of the program is derived from the Golf Psychology Coaching Certification Program, as well as Joseph Parent’s teachings in Zen Golf. By completing a Trackman Combine and having a valid handicap index, a mentally attributed handicap can be calculated to determine the number of strokes per round that are caused by mental errors or lapsed focus.


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